The Ultimate Data Framework

HyperSync Framework is a comprehensive platform to distribute realtime data and analytics to applications, services, devices, etc.

About HyperSync

The HyperSync Framework is a radical approach to data - from static, programmer generated, server-side reports to real-time, user created, interactive client-side visualizations. It comprises of a suite of

  • Data publishers for raw data and computed data.
  • A distribution engine that receives data from multiple publishers and pushes it to multiple subscribers.
  • Client components that receive the published data and allow powerful slicing/dicing and visualizations on the data.


Data Distribution

Publish/Subscribe, Request/Response and other paradigms

Robust & Scalable

Capable of leveraging multiple processor cores efficiently

Dynamic Throttling

Frequency of data update can be set by client or server to optimize performance

Binary & JSON Protocol

Supports multiple simultaneous client-side protocols (like binary stream and JSON).

Calc Engine

Calculate realtime data and analytics.


Supports realtime Predefined scanners as well as custom scanners.

Local Data Caching

Large data sets can be cached securely on local devices.

Database Publishers

Realtime replication of database updates to all subscribes.

Filtering & Bucketing

Built-in support for filtering and bucketing.

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