The Future of Trading System

The HyperSync Stack is a radical new approach to trading Systems. It is based on the principle that scale and performance cannot be an afterthought, and must be built into the foundations of software.

All stack components are scalable either horizontally (multiple instances of each module) or vertically (more cores/RAM for each module instance). This stack is modular, and even within each module, there are multiple implementation and deployment options available, both horizontally and vertically offering total flexibility.

Hypersync is designed to reduce load on OMS dramatically by connecting with C++ Admin API, eliminating authentication load, watchList and market data load and stock search load from OMS, freeing it up to handle orders. Data is cached in HS Layer to support push updates regarding orders, trades and positions, further reducing the load on OMS and HS Interactive.


This component handles Authentication and Authorization, and serves as the Nerve center of the entire HyperSync stack. It can authenticate credentials against its built in OpenLDAP database, or use any other authentication service - including Omnesys or any other system.

HS Auth supports proactive authentication of logged in users across the entire HyperSync stack, and also guarantees immediate revocation of access rights throughout the system, on logout, token expiry, password change, etc. It also supports single sign on integration with third party applications over standard protocols (SAML/OAuth).

HS Auth allows for one session per user or platform, or multiple sessions per user, configurable as per user requirements and alsp provides support for enabling features on payment.

Interactive Interfaces for OMS/RMS via C++ API

This component handles all functionality related to Orders, Trades, Positions, Holdings, Limits, etc. It interfaces with the OMS/RMS over C++ API in Admin mode.It supposrts multiple API formats including NEST, HS Quick and other REST API formats as well as Python, JS and PHP SDKs. It also has the ability to cache OMS/RMS state in RAM, so that subsequent requests can be served directly from cache, without putting load on the OMS

HS Interactive supports Push updates for Orders, Trades and Positions and in-memory caching of data. This means that end clients are guaranteed to have the latest states for these, without having to make requests to HS Interactive which reduces the load on the system. It is also highly scalable, supporting up to 8000 requests/second on a 16-core server.

Broadcast Market feeds (Quotes & Depth)

This component handles all functionality related to Market Data Feeds, including Quotes and Depth. It serves market data in an optimized binary format, and supports conflation, including dynamic throttling of updates based on category of users, number of users connected, and the overall load on the system. HS Broadcast allows clients to subscribe for market data updates on multiple channels, and each channel can be independently paused or resumed. This allows conserving of bandwidth and battery on the client, and allows enhanced scalability on the server.

HS Broadcast also has mechanisms to detect and handle subscribers from slow networks/devices, and can automatically throttle frequency of updates to such users, so that there is no backlog at the server end, preventing disconnections. Despite reducing update frequency, the latest state is guaranteed to be sent at each update. It also provides 2 updates per second with up to 8000 users on a 16-core server.

Content Caching/Distribution of News, Financials, Fundamentals, Events.

HS Content provides WatchList services, including maintenance of Watchlists to remove expired instruments, etc. It also supports RSS News Feeds which are categorized and tagged with Company Symbol, Event, etc. This allows Single Stock News, Watchlist/Portfolio level News, and Market News functionality.

HS Content is also capable of integrating with paid content sources, and Caching and Distributing content like News, Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Corporate Actions, etc from these sources. It also provides watchlist specific alerts on news, events and financials and maps a social overlay (most read, likes, comments, shares, et cetera)

Discovery Global Security Search, Screeners.

HS Discovery handles functionality related to Global instrument search, Scanners, etc, based on real time market data feeds. For powerful stock search, HS Discovery supports flexible mechanisms, to quickly search for specific instruments based on Company Name, Ticker Symbol, Instrument Type, Expiry Date, Strike Price, etc. It also returns the latest market data along with Search or Scanner results. The search intelligently adjusts to most user inputs, and is also capable of being extended to support Custom Scanners. It is server based to allow for enhanced features and continuos improvements, leverage in-memory database/cache with full indexing and eliminate the need for expensive CDN

Notify SMS, Email, Push Notifications

HS Notify manages communication from all HyperSync services to end-users. Users can specify the channels they wish to use, and prioritize these channels based on category of the notification, time of the day, etc. Currently HS Notify supports SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Chrome and Windows Desktop Notifications, Telegram messages, Slack/Flock updates and streaming notifications. In due course, other channels will also be added.

HS Notify also incorporates mechanisms for tracking usage of these channels based on channel pricing and message category for purposes of billing the user. It also supports the integration of a prepaid wallet and deduction from balance.

Alerting Engine Scalable alert monitoring

Scalable alerts on real time market data feeds. Supports Simple Alerts (fixed alerts on feed fields), Dynamic Alerts (alerts that automatically change based on change in some parameter - like moving average), Compound Alerts (alerts on values computed across 2 instruments).

⁠Managed Orders Conditional Orders like GTT, Iceberg, etc.

System for placing and managing single or multiple orders based on specific conditions or triggers being met, like GTT, Iceberg, etc.

⁠Onboarding Comprehensive User Onboarding

Comprehensive User Onboarding platform, with support for verification of Aadhaar, PAN, mobile, email, bank account, etc. With full integration with CVL KRA, NDML, UCC, DP ID, e-Signed documents, etc.

Thematic Theme based Basket investment, tracking, rebalancing and Multi-provider support

Comprehensive Thematic Investment Capability, with support for multi-provider themes, tracking of investment performance, rebalancing of baskets, SIP based investments, etc.

Recommendations Multi-provider platform for relevant recommendations to users.

Multi-provider platform to disseminate recommendations to users, based on relevance and appropriateness.

⁠Lounge Broker Management Portal with role based access control

Broker Business portal with Role based access control, and ability to manage all aspects of the business, related to Users, Fund Transfers, Thematic, Recommendations, Content, Alerts, Notifications, etc.

Option Analytics Lib Front end based Option Analytics.

Front-end based efficient computation of all metrics related to Options, including IV, Greeks, Probability of Profit, ITM Probability, Multi factor scenario analysis, Pay Off charts, IV Charts, Option Portfolio Analysis, etc. Available in optimized WebAssembly for Web and compiled Dart for Flutter applications.

⁠TradingView Wrapper Customized TradingView™ integration

Custom functionality to integrate TradingView™ Charting Library with our stack components and to extend the functionality beyond what is offered by default.


All HyperSync components run on CentOS, whether on bare-metal or virtualized. They are deployed via Docker containers, using Kubernetes for orchestration. They allow flexible scaling either horizontally (with more number of nodes) or vertical (extra Cores and RAM per node). It integrates directly into your existing DevOps process or leverages our sophisticated DevOps process as required. We offer completely managed deployment (including hosting if needed) or you can use your existing team and infrastructure.

  • HS Interactive, HS Broadcast: Java (aggregation) and C++ (NEST Wrapper), Tomcat, KeyDB/Redis
  • HS Content: NodeJS, KeyDB/Redis, Apache Ignite, Postgres.
  • HS Auth: NodeJS, OpenLDAP, MySQL, KeyDB/Redis.
  • HyperTrade, HS Admin: Angular, WebAssembly, NGINX

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